Understanding Airport

Airports are hub of most aviation activities where almost all of groups related to flying interact to provide safe Air Transportation of passengers and freight. Airports have become complex businesses and touch almost all the communities in some way. As a passenger when one travels through any airport, one tends to ask so many questions after seeing range of activities in different parts of airports. This course is aimed at providing most of the answers to these questions. This course provides a thorough overview of Airport as a unit, its functions and services, different types, safety & security etc. The course would be useful to those who aspire to work in Aviation Industry and also for those who are in Travel & Tourism Industry.

Aviation Security Awareness

Heightened security has been a priority for the air transport community ever since the tragic events of 9/11. Security includes baggage re-screening for transit passengers, certification and testing of equipment, and harmonization of biometric identification for passengers.

Basic Airside Safety

This course is an interactive, flexible and cost-effective way of learning about implementing best practices in airside safety.

Introduction to Safety Management Systems

This course will help participants and organizations understand the function, role and importance of developing and implementing a Safety Management System (SMS). After completing the course, you will understand the basic knowledge, techniques and skills needed to develop a Safety Management System and measure its performance, discover how an effective system can reduce costs, learn cost-effective resource planning, see how safety risks are managed proactively and explore how to build a positive safety culture within your organization.

Advance Course in Airport Operations

Airport Operations is one of the complex activities and demands knowledge, expertise, managerial skills to effectively execute it. It consists of many subsystems each of which is equally complex and need to take into account many factors. Therefore it is very important to understand and learn the process systematically. This course essentially is developed to cater to those aspirants who would like to make a career in Airport Operations. It will provide knowledge of most processes and present them in various visuals and even videos. There is a text reading facility for the course for those who would like to relax and listen to the text content.

Understanding Ramp Operations

Ramp is a place where aircraft is parked. Lots of activities take place around the aircraft, right from its arrival till it departs as the next flight. What are these activities and who takes care of these activities will be answered in this course. This course is ideal for those who aspire to become Ramp Operators in Airlines. Register for more information and take a tour of free sample chapter of the course.