Basic Course on Spa Tourism

Spa Tourism has been an important part of medical treatment in Central and Eastern Europe for a very long time. Today’s spas are certainly catching on to the benefits, both physical and mental, while visiting SPAs. Combining the benefits of a spa visit with a holiday, either at home or overseas, has become increasingly popular in many markets and a growing interest in holidays that provide health and well being benefits, as well as relaxation, have opened up new opportunities for many tour operators and service providers. An increasing interest in more alternative lifestyles and therapies, fitness, weight-loss treatments, detox diets, mineral and thermal skin treatments and massage and yoga are seen as an antidote to the stress and strain of modern life. This wave of well being and health is part of a more generic move towards more varied holidays and a desire to seek out new experiences, which are in general more active and focused than a traditional beach holiday. This course is designed for Travel & Tourism professional to explore this new area of activity and get benefited in his / her career.

Basic Course in Cheese Tourism

Cheese is relatively late entrant in the field of Tourism, however, it is following the same steps of wine and it is not wrong to say ‘CHEESE is the new wine”. A network of cheese trails is developing all over the world in Cheese producing areas. This represents the dawn of new tourism called Cheese Tourism. People are looking for new ideas to travel and cheese has all the complexity and sophistication to really take on people’s interest. People are excited not only to taste the best of the cheese of a specific region but also cover a trail which is built from a shop to cheese making factory. These trails have captured the attention of many cheese producers and many tours have been launched. This course covers this exciting Tourism activity for those who are interested and would like to enhance their knowledge and career.

Basic Course on Leisure on Water

Water based Leisure Tourism has become very popular. There are innumerable options such as Ferries, River Cruises, Ocean Cruises, Canal Boats, House Boats etc. Each type of leisure has lot many activities for tourists. If you are selling water based Leisure Tourism, this is an ideal course to provide you insight and would help you sell the Tour packages offering Leisure on Water.

Basic Course on Wine Tourism

Wines have always fascinated men and women alike! People are not only fascinated to taste different wines but even more fascinated to know how it is made. Wine tourism means organizing travel around the appreciation of, tasting of, and purchase of wine. It is a kind of tourism highly developed in many regions around the world. Wine tourism is a great way to learn about the people, culture, heritage, and customs of an area. Getting out and visiting wine producers provides contact with local farmers and artisans who care deeply about the area. Spending several days visiting the area, chatting with the wine makers and growers, and eating the local cuisine which has evolved together with the wine, will provide an exceptional context for the wine and give deep insight into why and how the wine turned out the way it did. This course is specially designed for Travel & Tourism Professional to understand and gain specialized knowledge of this special tourism activity to enhance his career.

Car Rental Operations

Understand how Car Rental Organization work, know different schemes under which cars are offered on rent, understand the procedures, know the phraseology for Chauffer. Understand total operations and many minute aspects of car rentals..

Selling International Rail Transportation

With new technology, passenger rail transportation offers comfort, speed, convenience and a rewarding travel experience. It is no wonder why more people travel by train. Upon completion of this course you will have the skills to identify the features of passenger rail transport and sell their benefits, recognize and describe common types of rail products, explain the characteristics of luxury, scenic, and long distance rail products, interpret and use rail timetables to establish international itineraries and describe the most popular rail passes and general conditions of carriage on rail tickets