Land / Water Transport, Hotels & Tours

Learn everything about Car Rental Industry, Campers & self drive options, Know more about cruises, ferries, car ferries, train ferries, Types of Hotels, hotel tariffs and packages, understand more about tours and packaged tours. The course covers all the land arrangements in Tourism industry and enhances your knowledge to work for any tour operator, hotel or car rental outfit.

Basic Course in Tourism Management

This course will contain details about various tourism organizations, different types of tourism (Inbound, Outbound, Domestic, Leisure, Adventure, medical, Wildlife, Beaches, etc), Tourism management including Individual & group tours, tour costing & International tourist attractions.

Basic Course on Canadian Railways

Know the history of Canadian Railways, its growth and its present status. Understand its organization, classes offered by it, Superfast Trains, Specialty Trains, Specialty cars, Fares, Special Tickets and passes, Trunk routes and many more interesting things with lot of wonderful images

Basic Course on Mauritius

This course will give you detailed information about Mauritius as to it’s location, how to get there, General information regarding geography, weather, etc, it’s history & culture, types of accommodation & cuisine available, places of tourist interest, planning your holiday (suggested itineraries) & visa/travel requirements. This course will be of great interest to people who are traveling to this destination or just to gain knowledge.

Tour Costing Specialist

This course will give a detailed account of Itinerary planning, incentive tours & tour costing. This course will give the intricate components and elements involved in tour costing for outbound & inbound tours, cruises, etc. This course will be of immense interest to aspiring students who intend to make a career as a tours specialist and also for those who are already working in tour companies and want to enhance their existing skills.

Basic Course on Wine Tourism

Wines have always fascinated men and women alike! People are not only fascinated to taste different wines but even more fascinated to know how it is made. Wine tourism means organizing travel around the appreciation of, tasting of, and purchase of wine. It is a kind of tourism highly developed in many regions around the world. Wine tourism is a great way to learn about the people, culture, heritage, and customs of an area. Getting out and visiting wine producers provides contact with local farmers and artisans who care deeply about the area. Spending several days visiting the area, chatting with the wine makers and growers, and eating the local cuisine which has evolved together with the wine, will provide an exceptional context for the wine and give deep insight into why and how the wine turned out the way it did. This course is specially designed for Travel & Tourism Professional to understand and gain specialized knowledge of this special tourism activity to enhance his career.

Car Rental Operations

Understand how Car Rental Organization work, know different schemes under which cars are offered on rent, understand the procedures, know the phraseology for Chauffer. Understand total operations and many minute aspects of car rentals..