Blue Plus Plan

  • ID: 900

  This Blue Plus Plan includes: Tablet PC Online Diploma STCW Course (cruiseliner) Flights to Durban with 2 weeks accommodation & transfers, including breakfast & dinner daily Air Hostess License 5 Weeks accommodation, including breakfast & dinner daily T-Shirt, Bag &…

  • Space holding deposit: R1,500
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Platinum Plus Plan

  • ID: 899

This platinum plus plan includes: Tablet PC Online Diploma Air Hostess License 5 weeks accommodation, including breakfast & dinner daily STCW Course (cruiseliner) 2 weeks accommodation, flights & transfers, including breakfast & dinner daily International Practical Tour, including cruise Team Building…

  • Space holding deposit: R1,500
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A new direction in Travel Education - The all-in-one complete training school

TPTT Travel Academy is an on-line travel career education centre for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the tourism industry. TPTT Travel Academy  INCLUDES a variety of educational practical skills training tours to help students learn about the travel industry in order to succeed as a travel professional.

The mission of TPTT Academy is to provide students opportunities to build knowledge through experiences beyond the classroom. Students learn best when skills and concepts are integrated into real-life situations and lots of hands-on learning opportunities are provided. The retention of this knowledge is best achieved when students have personal memories tied to the learning experiences.

Our online course concentrates on destination geography, airline, car, hotel, rail, tour, package and cruise reservations.


FLEXIBILITY: Self-paced, interactive courses, on-line instructors and on-line resources are all combined to give the best possible experience for each student. 
COST EFFECTIVENESS: Study as many courses as you wish and when you need them. No travel costs or lecture fees.
ACCESSIBILITY: All you need is internet access and you can learn in the comfort of your own home. 
QUALIFICATIONS: Certificates are issued on completion of each module or / and full qualification.

TPTT Academy offers a variety of educational training tours to help travel & tourism students learn about the travel industry.

We are passionate about travel – and we want you to be too. Having many years of combined experience, our team has explored many regions of the world, and discovered what makes each location unique, authentic and unforgettable. It is all about the experience! Memories, friendships and appreciation of the world around us. Anyone can be a tourist, but we will show you how to be a true traveller.

Why tour?

  • One of the world’s most successful golfers of all times, Gary Player once said he believes that “Travel is the University of life!”. This was in response to a challenge he faced as a devoted family man who had to travel frequently to compete in International tournaments.
  • Take advice from this legend...he is after all the most-travelled athlete in world history, having spent an estimated four years of his life in flight, with over 14 million air miles under his belt!


  • Our educational tours allow for adventures that bring the textbook to life, enabling learners to experience the lessons taught in the classroom, first hand, and motivating them to want to learn more!
  • Learners are able to see sites and landmarks for themselves as opposed to pictures in books, magazines, and web sites.
  • Learners get an opportunity to travel with their friends allowing them to benefit from one another questions and interests that may have otherwise never been considered.
  • Learners’ social development and maturity is enhanced from the travel aspect alone; encouraging independence, responsibility, and accountability.