Testimonial on 2018 Team building:

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Sunday, January 21, 2018


Team building... A lot of people don’t seem to understand the meaning of team building and before one embarks on a new adventure in their life, they usually have to attend a team building to prove they are capable of working with others. This is a place where you get to find yourself and how you act in difficult situations and how you interact with new people around you.

This year I started my new adventure as I finished with my High School career, I decided to take up Travel and Tourism as I found a love for traveling and seeing the world and the amazing wonders it has to offer. TPTT has given me this opportunity to do so and over the past few weeks, I attended their Team Building course.

I must say I was super nervous for this and was starting to have my doubts, but once I got to meet the team I realized I was in capable and safe hands that would be guiding me for the rest of the year. They are really an amazing group of people and I am glad to be part of their team.

Before leaving for Bush Willow Camp, we all met at the OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg, and from there we left for our Team Building. On the way, I made a few friends and to be honest I was quite skeptical about being introduced to new people because I didn’t know how they would react. But I guess at the end of the day, friends become the family we choose.

It was blistering when we got to the camp site and the views were breath-taking I must say. It was so peaceful and wonderful. We were introduced to everyone and got allocated to our tents where we would be spending the 2 nights in. My only worry was about the baboons that were in the surroundings, I was really scared. But other than that I was really pleased with our accommodation. There were no issues at all and it was actually very nice, I was expecting us to be doing some real outdoor camping but I’m glad with the way things turned out and everything was perfect.

Another thing which made it so pleasant was the fact that they had catered for everyone, especially those with a different diet. Like me, who was on the vegetarian list and a few Muslim girls as well who had their own needs. We got food prepared specially for us when it was necessary. They went out of their way to satisfy our needs and I was impressed with that because it wasn’t just any food they put together, they took their time and effort and made very appetizing dishes. This Team Building has taught me a lot and I’ve grown as an individual. I learnt that in a team everyone is different and is made up of people with different needs, motivations and personalities. Getting to know each other, helping each other and understanding that trust, respect, communication and punctuality are what makes a team. You learn about others and their cultures and their strengths and weaknesses.

I am proud to say that my leadership skills have improved for the better and I feel much more confident than I was. I understand how everything works and the importance of Team Building. I realized this when we had a few activities to do on the second day, where we had to trust and communicate well with our team members in order to win.

The first activity that included communication and trust was the sack race which we completed blindfolded. Here we learnt how to determine those with strengths and we used it to our advantage. There after was the obstacle course which tested our trust and motivation. The weak ones were helped by those with strengths to complete the course faster than the others and at the end of the day we learnt how to trust and get over our fears with people to motivate us to do better.

As I conclude my report on the Team Building, I would like to mention once again, that the members here at TPTT Academy, are really awesome people and I am grateful to be part of their institution. They are always there to help us when we need help and advice and are comical and know how to make things epic for us and enjoy it. I look forward to an amazing year with the team members.